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About Us

Understanding our connection with the earth through the wisdom of plants helps each of us find and maintain our own unique, delicate balance. Plants affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By understanding the transformation that plants can effect in us, then working with them in whatever ways are most appropriate, we begin to tap into their deeply rooted wisdom.

Kimberly Powers

Kimberly’s skills and sensitivities are focused on supporting people in tapping into their own innate healing abilities. Deepening her relationship with plants and how they share their medicine is of utmost importance to her. She specializes in herbs, essential oils, and flower essences, and looks to help you find your path of healing using plants as a powerful support.

Formal Training

Her training includes completion of both herbal medicine and aromatherapy programs through the Australasian College of Health Sciences, and a bachelor’s degree in herbal sciences from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington.

Kimberly Powers - Medicinal Herbs

Kimberly considers her non-academic training from herbal and aromatherapy teachers as equally important contributions to the knowledge she has gained.

Evert Broderick

Mucking through cattail marshes, intimate contact with stinging nettles, testing his current level of immunity to poison oak, and marveling at the beauty of monarch butterflies on milkweed blossoms has become part of the fabric of Evert’s life. Ever since an inauspicious epiphany involving a dandelion some 30 years ago, plants have been his guiding passion.

Primary Interests

Evert is mainly interested in the human uses of wild plants for food and medicine, although botany, just studying plants for the joy of knowing more about them, and plant photography together rank a close second. Many excellent teachers in both botany and botanical medicine have fostered his appreciation and understanding of the Green Realm.

An Educator in Plants & Herbs

Not only do plants continue to feed his intellectual and spiritual growth, they form the foundation of his livelihood. Evert has taught Plant Taxonomy at Bastyr University, worked in organic farming, and continues to teach a variety of plant-based classes and workshops.

Evert Broderick - Medicinal Herbs

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